Sunday, February 15, 2009

Bengals Speaker

This week i was able to go and listen to a Cortland alum who is now an offensive line coach with the professional Cincinnati Bengals. The thing that was the most rewarding of the whole experience was that he discussed about how the become a better person and the attitude you have outweighs anything else. I was so glad that this wasn't just another speaker who was boring us with the drinking that goes on. Every year we have to go listen how that if your not twenty one you shouldn't be drinking etc., same thing different day. The thing is everyone knows people drink and doesn't matter what you do it will happen. With this talk he didn't speak anything of that and had a message to get out to people instead. . The main topics he discussed were coaching, his history, and how in life you have to have some luck. For example i learned to play sports because i wanted to be like my dad because he was a coach. Because my parents raising me playing sports i probably wouldn't be doing it now in college. I hope that in the future i get to listen to other speakers just like him to get something out of it instead of just going because i have to for baseball.

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