Sunday, February 15, 2009

Lab One

1.) The main differences between motor development and social between the sexes at the St. Mary's Church were definitely the amount they had developed already. The girls in the class were more likely to hold onto you and want to not run around and cause problems. The boys controlled the games that we played and always wanted to yell out what they wanted to choose, rock, paper, scissors in our game. The girls followed what the guys did never complained and loved to hang on you and run around. Some of the girls didn't want to play and faked getting hurt instead of doing that the boys went off and wanted to play basketball and be active do something else. I wasn't able to observe the differences in grade level because i was with one group ability wise the boys and girls were pretty much similar because all we were doing was tag, but after wards some of the boys really showed off their basketball skills by shooting at the free throw line.

2.) Some fine motor behavior activities while watching the kids was definitely in one of our games when i kid went a step forward, put two and two together and said after they put down and do one of the 3, we should do what beats them. When i heard this i could not believe that a kid this young would be smart enough to know that in order to win we could even cheat a little bit to get back in the game. The kids that were younger didn't really talk to much as the kids got older they interacted more and wanted to play and listen to what they had to say. This first week was an eye opener to what i need to do each week to keep them occupied and on task to play the whole time. so when i get ready for next week i am going to find a lot of games with variety so that the kids will all be interested.

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