Monday, March 23, 2009

Lab 3

Today's lab was throwing and catching. For this weeks trip to St. Marys i had pre-k students who were very energetic and did not want to listen. There were a few things that i screwed up when i was explaining our game. First off never have the balls or anything they can get their hands on right there in front of them. Another thing is to make sure that you explain the game with them calm and sitting down, keep the directions short and less explaining and more activity teach on the go is better for this level of kids. Overall the kids played well no problems had them throwing into a net with ping pong balls, then running the bases with activites to do on the way like bouncing running throwing and catching. The kids that we had to look at did a good job too with throwing and catching and had more yes than no. Teaching the kids which foot to step with and which arm was very difficult as well. After settling in the kids were on their way and had a good time.

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