Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Lab 4

This weeks lab was a very interesting lab and it was interesting because we had to take the kindergarten kids. I think the most difficult thing I have faced is trying to control the kindergarten group during an activity, which i had to do in this lab. They have trouble staying still and listening so you have to be loud and on point with directions. Another thing that our group had a very difficult time is once the students get there and are ready to play we aren’t very good at getting their attention and making them play the games that we want them to play. Usually we end up playing what they like, which is good but how will they ever learn new things instead of just shooting hoops.

When trying to teach an activity to the kindergarteners, our group needs to be prepared and know what we are doing well before doing the activity. In other words it is hard to just ‘wing’ an activity at the last minute because it is likely to fail. For the second part I would have to say that we do both. Do the games that we do say it wont take a while then we can shoot hoops and have a free time with activities.

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